The Texas Python Community offers many ways for you to get involved, help out, learn, and have fun.

Join the Texas Python Email Discussion List

You can join the statewide PyTexas mailing list, where you suggest ideas, provide feedback, and join the discussion.

Join a Local User Group

The Texas area has several user groups:
  • College Station is forming a new user group; you can inquire on the Texas Python mailing list.

If you're interested in starting a user group in another city, please raise the issue on the Texas Python mailing list.

Volunteer to Help the PyTexas Conference

There are many opportunities to volunteer to help out the PyTexas conference. If you're interested, please join the PyTexas mailing list and contact BradAllen.  Here are some options:
  • Plan to give a talk/presentation, either a 50 min presentation or a 5 minute lightning talk
  • Help with publicity
    • Create a flyer or distribute an existing one
    • Use social networking to help with outreach to potential attendees and sponsors
  • Help with tutoring beginners (for example see what we did at the PythonTeachIn2010)
  • Act as a session chair to help our talks start and end on time.


Those of us who enjoy Python programming, or just find it a practical tool, can benefit from knowing one another. Python is a kind of "gateway drug" into many technologies and there are always new things to learn. Here are a few benefits of creating an active local community:
  • professional development
  • knowledge sharing
  • great conferences like PyTexas
  • interesting people with which to socialize
  • a thriving local community gives employers confidence to use Python